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This was written to better inform the true value and nature of the GOLDEN RULE.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

We are both bodies and spirits. Because our conscious bodies are finite, visible and defined,
we develop a belief about our bodies that they are powerless and vulnerable. Therefore, we hold the belief that our bodies exist to defend and protect themselves and guard our unconscious minds from threats to their survival and existence.

Bodies are the visible conscious of our unconscious minds. Our unconscious spirits dwell within the framework of our conscious bodies. Thus, bodies are mere temples for the spirit and for our connection to the invisible, unseen universe.

As we live, our bodily reality occupies most of our conscious minds. All types of bodily adornment and importance such as cosmetics, clothes, hairdos, weight control, etc. become our lives. Existence becomes working and playing for enjoyment of the body. Money becomes nothing but a tool to please the body as money has, in itself, no spiritual value.

Living in the body domain, it becomes easy to judge difference as bad, attack and hurt other
bodies, and to defend itself. We give bodies the power to control and dominate our lives,
to battle other bodies for feelings of importance and survival. To feel important is to judge us better than other bodies.

As bodies, we choose to disconnect our attachment to other bodies. We place emphasis on the separation and distinct boundaries that separate us from other bodies. Difference and defense become the norm for behavior, and separation, the buffer from loving.

Blinded from our spirits, we see ourselves as only bodies. Thus, our bodies feel we are powerless and vulnerable to other bodies and other things. The body lives as a fearful place in which to exist among the neighborhood of other fearful bodies who also serve harmful purpose to judge, attack and hurt.

If our bodies see the world as a fearful, unfriendly place, then we see our bodies as weak and vulnerable and the bodies of others as unloving with bad or wrong intentions. We view the actions of others to us as threatening and the damage done to us as irreparable, giving rise to resentment, anger, reprisal, revenge and reluctance to forgive.

Our choice to be more body rather than spirit conscious keeps us from showing and connecting our spirits with other spirits as being friendly, forgiving, loving creatures.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

Your spirit is not your body. More than your body, it only dwells within it. Spirit is eternal and does not die. Only the body dies. Freed from thoughts of survival and death, material wants, needs, desires and fears, our spirits have a different awareness. The spirit has the goals of connecting with the oneness in the universe of all things, giving, and receiving love with the impetus of wonder and joy.

Is who we really are our bodies or our spirits? Is not Godís divine purpose and gift of our bodies to merely act out what our spirits dictate? To give and receive love? To connect with other spirits through divine acts of love, respect and honor?

The Golden Rule: To know the universal experience of loving other bodies as ourselves.
But our human consciousness vows to judge and destruct rather than give and receive love. Therefore, arenít our spirits really who we are, not our bodies?

Our self-images and relationships are based on our body consciousness rather than our spirit consciousness. Hence, our self-images and our relationships with other bodies are dominated by thoughts of protection, judgement, fear, control, power, bias and difference, self-importance and dominance.

The ageless universal standards of honor, dignity, grace and respect have fallen to the norm of conflict. As always in life, we have a choice to hurl bombs of conflict or bombs of compassion--A choice to penalize and punish or to project the power of love.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

We only connect physically at times and rarely spiritually because we form the habits of thinking bodies are only what we are. We are so ingrained in the physical world that we have lost our attachment to our spirits and the spiritual realm. Even our prayers may not connect if we are not conscious of our spiritual connection. We all lose the importance of the body being and acting as the servant of the spirit rather than the ego.

A spirit sees others spirits as essentially good and the same without difference. Spirit has no physical form; therefore, it cannot attack or hurt. Nor can it feel vulnerable, threatened, or a need to change others.
It cannot fear, but only love.

If we are interested in improving our self-images, building relationships,
and resolving conflicts, then we must adopt an improved awareness of
being really spirit not body.
The Golden Rule is powered by love, not the deception of love.

We only need to see others as loving spirits who seek to be recognized. By knowing that we are spirits, we can summon the power of love to defeat and overpower the bodyís anger, fear, rejection, revenge, hatred, judgement, biases and unforgiveness. By any measure or standard, to know peace and harmony in any relationship, one only needs to subscribe to and practice the Golden Rule that comes from spirit not body. Despite the fact that many different religions exist in the world, there is one thing all have in common: the Golden Rule.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

Those who are spirit conscious are able to leave the darkness of body consciousness and spread their wings like eagles, and soar into the light of spirit consciousness and true joy and peace with the release of worry and freedom from fear of vulnerability.

The Golden Rule is a spiritual law, an indestructible and everlasting law that transcends turmoil and the trials of judgments; overrides the difficulties of differences; supercedes superiority; surpasses punishment of others; outsteps self-importance.

The Golden Rule sets the standard for the giving and receiving of something far greater and mightier than body conscious acting and reacting: the spiritual power of love.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

These are some of the Teachings of the GOLDEN RULE uncovered in my journey path.
So live, too, your life in a way that you may discover the rest! Aho! . . . .

native american indian teaching by High Eagle

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