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Panoramic Sound meditation, relaxation, yoga and feng shui music

Native American flute music and feng shui music for relaxation and entertainment
Native American Indian entertainer,poet,musician,storyteller

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Panoramic Sound meditation, relaxation, yoga and feng shui music

Native American Indian speaker,lectures,workshops,seminars

J. C. High Eagle is Osage and Cherokee Native American Indian from the
state of OKLAHOMA, USA.  He is a composer, author, musician, and speaker.

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Native American,American Indian,flute music and Feng Shui music

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Native American Indian flute MUSIC to soothe and relax . . . feel the tension melt away!
Listen to his smoothCOUNTRY MUSIC compositions.
Also see our FENG SHUI music for relaxation, meditation, stress reduction and yoga.

Or if you like to read, explore his thought-provoking BOOKS.
Or maybe you like the UNUSUAL.
Sample some of his TEACHINGS or some of his QUOTES.

Sometimes, it is just good to kick back and share some nice poetry THOUGHTS
or perhaps some nice stories or LEGENDS . . . Or some heart-felt MESSAGES.

native american,american indian,flute music,feng shui music,american indian customs

An ENTERTAINER on American Indian flute, acoustic and electric guitar.
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And what do OTHERS SAY about his works?

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try an American Indian knowledge GAME for fun!
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In the morning of January 18, 2008,the Great Eagle swooped down and carried my Mother
to her resting place among the stars and the Creator. May she rest in eternal love and peace. Aho!
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Cherokee and Osage tradition plus native actor and artist

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Native American,American Indian,flute music on the Native American Indian flute

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Native American,American Indian world music on the Native American Indian flute


Native American flutist and author: stories and legends

High Eagle Native American,american Indian,flute and Feng Shui music