peace,Native American,american indian flute music,american indian customs

This was written to better inform the true value and nature of PEACE . . .

peace,Native American,american indian flute music,american indian customs

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

True peace of mind is something that occurs within you in any environment you
are in. Your attitudes towards your experiences are what create peace of mind.
Your mind creates your attitudes toward those experiences, and the feelings you get can be guided by your conscious mind.

Our true quest in life is for knowledge and understanding of oneself. You are responsible for your own spiritual growth. And our time here is so short in which to learn and discover who we are and what we need to know.

From birth to adulthood, we are molded into beings that are so distorted from truth and ‘real’ wisdom. Your ego doesn’t want you to focus on anything but the physical world. What you see, hear, perceive in life is your creation. You are creating it.
You create your own environment.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

The stepping stones are: awareness to understanding to knowledge to wisdom.
To learn how not to suffer can be painful because it means throwing away all your old ideas that you’ve been comfortable with.

You must be willing to totally let go of yourself, without fear, and without fear of what you will find. There might be discoveries you don’t like. The more truths of life you discover, the more freedom you will find.

Peace of mind is the result of individual human freedom from falsehoods, untruths, dogma and mind conditioning from others. To be free, you must form new perspectives upon which to focus
to think. All the answers are within you. Not external or from others.

Acceptance is the prerequisite to true peace of mind. Then, if not content, make the necessary changes or adjustments to make your acceptance of life’s conditions easier. True wisdom is the discovery and understanding of the interrelationships of oneness.

“You only see what you focus upon . . .”

The spiritually wise person first sets out to grasp knowledge of “what you are” which later transforms to the wisdom of forming your attitude of oneness with all. Your consciousness is never the same or constant. Your awareness of things, feelings, emotions, thoughts is never constant, but is constantly fluctuating.

One test of spiritual enlightenment is when you see there is no separation of things, and only their connectedness. Fear of the unknown has always been a stumbling block. Never knowing what might turn up in our search, fear tends to hinder our self-exploration with our internal cosmos.

Our human fears and anxieties create our pain and sufferings. These fears and anxieties are self-inflicted. What you are seeing as ‘reality’ is what your mind is creating. We project our thoughts and feelings and perceive them as ‘truth’. . . .
A deeper inner probing of ourselves: Inward knowledge; self-exploration; communion. Freedom of free thought—not thoughts of what we have been taught to think. To be spiritually aware and acting is to have freedom of expression.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

You will not be able to achieve oneness without first knowing yourself. Do this in a loving manner and without fear. Fear is the antithesis of love. We create fear from illusion. We have to reconnect to reality -- a world without fear.

The world we perceive is not external from us. It is our mind that projects our thoughts onto it to create our perception of reality. Once free, one begins to view everything in a new consciousness. Freedom from preconceptions. Our concept of life suffers from many distortions coming from outside us.

Every moment of your time as a human can be a learning experience. Learning is a continuous process. The flow of life is an eternal process. We do not have to wait to see the “Great Spirit”, for the “Great Spirit” is now within and around us.

As fear and anxiety die away, we are left with the freedom of thought. Learn to expect the unexpected in no fear. Learn to let go. Be open to new ideas, new dimensions of thought and realization. This requires a personal acceptance.

I now believe things that I thought heretofore were impossible or unbelievable.
Each day of my life is an opening to me. Our daily quest is for more knowledge.
Truth is simple . . . but not easily revealed.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

The world moves at such a rapid pace that opportunity, unused, vanishes quickly. Truly, time waits for no one to stand still and watch.

Therefore, it is an important time to re-dedicate ourselves and honor each other with basic human values: friendship, spiritual unity, peace and the principles of respect
for all living and non-living things, and the planet Earth which is our sacred home.
Yes, even respect for our differences.

To have individual peace is one step closer in the world to unifying our hearts and allowing peace in the whole world. So, let it be recognized by all men and women of the Mother Earth that the unification of the world at this critical time, at this moment, demands that we be recognized as truly brothers and sisters of one mind and one body.

It is time to put away our differences and stress our similarities. A time to celebrate and extend the message of human unity, peace and love. We all have much in which to be thankful, and to do whatever within our powers to achieve real, lasting peace and unity.

We can do a lot together. United, we can solve. United, we can help one another,
for unity provides for strength.

We are all like spokes in the Great-Circle-of-Life. Just as the spokes all meet in the center, so do we all share a common purpose in the Creation.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

Peace is not a vision, but a reality. It is something not to seek, but to let happen ...
for it already exists. We, as frail humans, only have to let it be and align ourselves with the power of it.

Peace can only prevail when we bring our hearts together as people, as children of all the same Mother Earth, and born from one Creator.

So, let us seek to make changes, not excuses. Let us resolve to act, not make mere promises. Let history note that our fate is not in others' hands, but our own. It is of our own choosing: world in peace, not world in pieces.

We are standing at the focus and beginning of future peace. May its beacon shine out to other darkened parts of the globe to illume with the light of hope for a brightened future.

In our hands also lie the flints of the future, for tomorrow's fires are lighted by the sparks of what we do today. Just as a single drop of water however infinitesimally small, will raise the level of the ocean, a single spark will help to unite the world in a special way that stems from people-to-people, heart-to-heart...and may it start individually from this day forth as it is proclaimed that a spark of peace ignited today shall be the flame of peace tomorrow--A spark that will ignite a flame for a world unified by peace, love and spiritual unity, no matter what the practice of different religions or beliefs.

We must be prepared to meet the challenges of today with the ebb of unity lest we suffer the web of dependency. We must go challenged with truth and action to reinstitute respect for humans and their primal beliefs, and to change the sufferings which have been visited upon mankind. Only in this way will we grow as a prosperous human race. Only then, will we recognize the face of true "progress".

And lastly, let us be reminded that to strengthen our world is to strengthen our spirits. So let us not fear of our future, but resolve that with desire carried by commitment, we can all have a bright future--if we want it to happen.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

These are some of the Teachings of PEACE uncovered in my journey path.
So live, too, your life in a way that you may discover the rest! Aho!

By High Eagle

"As the wind sings
my spirit
is pacified.
The war within

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