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Penetration is the process
Generated by purpose.
Change, the product.
Difference, the result.

Change— the seen and unseen signs of penetration.
When things penetrate
or are penetrated,
They change, not remain the same.

Penetration—the interactive cause of
Modification, transition,
transformation, disruption, replacement and substitution.
Penetration requires the energies
And the powers of intent, motivation
and purpose.
The man penetrates the woman;
Sperm penetrates the egg,
and becomes different.
The ear or body part is pierced;
Sound penetrates the silence;
Light penetrates the darkness;

Thoughts from others penetrate our minds
To cause difference and reaction.
Information penetrates our minds
To create awareness.
Disease and foreign objects penetrate bodies
To inflict pain and suffering.
Drugs, lies, untruths and dogma penetrates our minds
To create deception and false judgment.
Food penetrates our bodies
To create growth;
Medicine penetrates to heal;
Anger penetrate our minds
To Inflict fear;
Harm: the act and result of
negative penetration.
Love penetrates the heart
To stir emotion;

Love—the resulting state of penetration
and condition of perforation
By positive force and intention.
Peace—the absolute absence of pentration.
Happiness—the absence of
negative pentration.

Penetration—the enemy of complacency and uninformed self-satisfaction
Penetration—the poison of an existing state
and status quo.

Native American,American Indian flute music,American Indian customs

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