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This was written to better inform the unaware of the true value and nature of TIME.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

We are all doing time . . .

It exists occupying no space, but is everywhere.

It can be measured without being seen.

It has no weight, no mass, no form.

It cannot be touched, be gotten rid of, nor confined or contained.

It can be spent, saved, wasted and killed, but not destroyed not even changed.

It is what it is now, never any more, nor less.

It is known by all people but not understood.

It is used everyday by others, but exists without definition.

It is precious to those who have little of it.

It is necessary for life to exist, but has no life itself.

People live in it, and people are judged by it.

It is the principal ingredient of change—for without it, there can be nil.

It bears life in music, dance, song and story.

It is the motion of life.

It permits opportunities to unfold, yet limits decision and choice.

Its passage ripens not only the fruits of the vine,
but also wisdom and experience.

Time— the magic that keeps things from happening all at once.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

These are some of the teachings of TIME uncovered in my journey path.
So live, too, your life in a way that you may discover the rest! Aho!

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