Mystery of the Four Directions

native american,american indian flute music,

native american,american indian flute music, There were three of us at Bear Butte for a brief sabbatical. Two of the men decided they were going to spend the night on the slopes. In the evening, I put them up on the mountain after a brief prayer ceremony, and returned to our makeshift base camp. It was quiet and the sounds of the day faded slowly into the evening twilight.

I sat on a log with my back towards the setting sun. There were clouds completely covering the sky except for a hole in the west. Suddenly, a heard a voice that said, "I'm here." Turning, I thought one of my friends had come off the mountain and returned to camp for some reason. Looking around, I saw no one and began to question whether I really heard something or not.

So, I turned around again and began whittling on a picked up stick. Again, the voice returned with, "I'm here. Look up." This time, I turned and focused on the clearing in west view of the sky. There very clearly was a cloud that formed into a definite outline of a Christian cross.

My mouth flew open and I immediately wanted to capture the event on film. First, I asked the Creator permission to keep the cloud in tact while I ran to my tent quarters to fetch my camera. I asked the Creator for permission to capture the moment on film. I managed to click off two photos of the cloud cross before it quickly disappeared from sight.

Never in my life have I ever seen a cloud turn into a cross. I have seen clouds turn into faces, heads, animals, but never a cross . . .

native american,american indian flute music,
"The photo doesn't do it justice.
It was much clearer and well-defined in person."

native american,american indian flute music,
Closeup view of above photo.

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