Mystery of an Eagle Cloud

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During a visit to Los Angeles, in the company of two friends, I found myself scurrying down a crowded freeway late for a memorial tribute to a deceased friend.Suddenly,
one of them remarked how the clouds were forming strange patterns in the sky overhead. The other remarked that he, too, had never seen such unusual formations, especially in the Malibu, California area.

Strangely, an eagle cloud had formed with clearly visible lines of a well-formed head, beak, eye and right wing. Getting over our excitement was difficult, especially when the driver had to concentrate both on the heavenly development and the cars ahead.

Just earlier, we had engaged in a conversation about seeing eagle cloud formations at Bear Butte nearly a year to the same week.

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"Looking upwards at a Bear Butte cliff,
my eyes and attention were drawn
to an eagle perched on the highest rise.
Refocusing, my eyes looked beyond the eagle
to a cloud that was forming overhead
in the shape of an eagle . . . ."

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs
"Seeing me on the ground below,
the eagle spread its wings
in a gesture to let me know that
I had been seen and acknowledged.
Now the eagle cloud was clearly more visible
in the outline of a head, wings and tail."

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs
"Afterwards, the lone eagle drew itself into the air,
and circled the top in high flight . . ."
native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

My friends were planning to accompany me to my sacred home in the Black Hills this year, but were not prepared to be extended greetings in such a mystical manner. Apparently, it was their first time to have ever seen magical happenings to them personally.

We had concluded that it was definitely a confirmation for all of us that the invitation to Bear Butte had been extended and that our presence together at that moment had been recognized. Unfortunately, certain situations prevented them from going at the last minute. I remember my friend's astonishment, “Why is it that these things only happen to me when you are around? When I am by myself, they don’t occur!”

Over the years, having several individuals feel it is right for them to be at Bear Butte, few seldom, if ever, make the trip. I believe that the place is so very sacred that, unless one is sincerely open, humble and committed to their spiritual quest, he or she is not
permitted to be at Bear Butte. The mountain will cause circumstances to develop that will not permit one to go if it is one's intentions to go uninvited by the Great Spirit.

The egocentric desire of the mysterious and the adventure is definitely masked by the sacred powers that are focused and emanate from the edge of the Black Hills known as Bear Butte. Those who go to her are the ones invited by her and who are supposed to be there on their own accord. I always say to someone seemingly earnest in his or her spiritual growth, “I will never invite you to Bear Butte, but you are always welcome! Bear Butte makes the invitations, not me.”

Personally, I have witnessed several eagle cloud formations in different locations of the country, but there have been few times I have been privileged to share their experiences with friends.

The last time I had seen eagle clouds was in Colorado. I had been taken to a bird restoration facility at sunrise for prayer ceremonies with nine eagles that were in rehabilitation. For two wonderful hours, I was in their penned confinement rejoicing with them; communicating with their spirits and drawing from their ancient wisdom and guidance. I felt as if I had been at a counsel of elders, learning from them as I had learned from my grandfather and mother.

The eagle energy from the three Bald Eagles and six Golden Eagles was overpowering and very concentrated. Later. in the afternoon, I had seen three separate eagle clouds
in Denver. One was a large cloud with two attendant eagle clouds below. Of course,
I smiled like a Cheshire cat. Wouldn't you?

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The prominence of eagles in my life, both as clouds in the sky and real ones in the air or on the ground, had made me introspective about the characterization of my own eagle spirit and, at the same time, curious to explore the many lessons the eagle has to offer about living and life's many truths and principles. As with the sacred pipe, there are many lessons about the eagle I still do not know. But a few of them I am able to share as they became revealed.

For me, there is no better or appropriate place to gain the answers than the source of much ancient wisdom and knowledge: the sacred prairies and peaks of the Black Hills. Awareness precedes action. So, this time, my friends and I targeted for a rendezvous in the Black Hills and the one place that continues to share some of life's most treasured and bountiful gifts--Bear Butte.

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