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This is to inform the true value and nature of COMMITMENT.

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"People do not get things done
because they do not realize
is the attitude of
honoring the human being
they can - -
Success in doing is a
measure of the strength
of commitment."

-- J.C. High Eagle

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A tree
grows its own fruits.
It does not grow something
that it is not supposed to grow.
A lemon tree
doesn't grow apples,
and apple trees
don't grow pecans.
Nor does a tree say
it is not going to grow its fruit,
and wait around for someone else
to tie fruits on its limbs for it
No! The tree makes a full commitment.

The tree lives up to its responsibility
of being a tree,
of being all it can be.
The tree doesn't give in half way It makes a commitment,
then sees it to the end.

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Spiritual purpose
can never unfold when function
is blocked by,
most of all,
no commitment.

Commitment waits on openness,
and acceptance
before purpose is served.

native american,american indian spirituality,american indian customs

To be a recipient of
spiritual power
and the Creator's love and guidance,
one must live its commitment
during the moments of every day.
To succeed in living a
full spiritual life
takes nothing less than
total commitment to one's values
during every aspect of one's life.

native american,american indian spirituality,american indian customs

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The most important thing to reveal
about views on spirituality or the medicine path
is commitment.
It is so easy to feel good,
entrapped about the talking of something,
but doing it is a different matter.

It's hard to commit and do it full time. Total commitment to one's beliefs
during every aspect of one's life
is very difficult.
But spirituality demands that we give
full obedience to life's Truths
and principles.
not just a part-time involvement.

Do not go out to seek, search,
and try to find books or
merely read about spirituality,
watch it talked about on T.V.
and talk about it at whatever occasion.
Experience it!
That's what is important.
Make a commitment!

Spiritual power or guidance
is of no value without commitment.
For things to function,
to take place,
one must not only have desire
but also commitment.
and when one does,
one is rewarded.

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Born of one's own awareness and
one's own strength,
accomplishments are only fulfilled
out of one's own action.

People want growth and change,
but don't want the commitment
that comes with them.
False living is to live forever
on the surface as a human--
to enjoy pleasures
but not wanting to be bothered
with commitment to life and
discover and practice its lessons.

No one can ever have dreams come true
without commitment first.
The spiritual world gives us a choice
to make a commitment or not.
Commitment precedes action!
Without commitment, no action.

The Creator is ever committed.
One does not have to ask or to plead
to the Creator.
It is the plan of the Maker that
one be given without having to beg.
Everything one needs in life,
everything one wishes to know,
is here in the present already.
without ever having to ask
or to pray for it.
Things happen when it is time,
and when ready.

The actual blueprint for a just civilization
can only emerge as the present
ego motivated one slowly succumbs
to a world of unified human spirits,
and commitment to life's basic laws --
the Creator's Universal Truths.

It requires energy,
and most necessary,
one of strong commitment.

We never rise higher than before
in anything we want to accomplish
without that latter important ingredient.
Things fail mostly due to a
lack of commitment.

Spirituality demands commitment
shown by action and
not just good intentions.

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Before a relationship is contemplated,
the all important question must be asked,
"How much am I committed to the relationship?"

This is the very first step in deciding
whether or not one is going to have
a successful, meaningful relationship
that will work and stand the
test of time.

If one is not fully committed,
then the relationship is
doomed to be only as good as,
and last only as long as
the strength of one's commitment.

One commits to a relationship
and seeks to make it work
because one has the desire
to grow and blossom forth.

To make a relationship
bond together and last,
there can be no commitment without
the necessary glue of patience.

Engagements and wedding ceremonies
become only pledges of intent and
good will,
rings and precious stones
become only materialistic tokens an
symbols of nuptial bonds;
honeymoons to exotic destinations
become only vacations and invitations to
escapement until the reality of the
commitment of love and marriage hits home
to one's awareness.

All of these are only superficial
and none will bind the relationship
without solid commitment to the
responsibilities that are demanded
by the relationship.

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Love between people is
a two-way affair;
and the response to love,
is the Creator's beautiful plan.
Love demands nothing less than commitment.
It is love that makes a
commitment of marriage

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May we all be committed lovers in the world to recognize and embrace the spiritual love of all people.
Only until then will we be at rest and the world truly in peace . . .

J.C. High Eagle

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