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Flow comes when all elements, all things, act in synchronicity with natural rhythms.

To be in tune with each thing that comes to one’s awareness, is to be in the flow.

Though flow exists in and of itself, it is only experienced individually, defined individually, and only discovered individually.

Once felt and realized, it can only be denied and never destroyed. One can only separate or resist flow.

Obstacles to flow are mere disruptions which only serve to test the strength of the flow.

One’s ego perceives obstacles as disruptions. But disruptions to life, to flow, can only disrupt by permission. Disruptions lovingly embraced as opportunities, will serve one another if viewed as divine.

To view true reality, one must move pass, get beyond the illusion of time. All things occur when they are ready and when it is time.

Synchronicity is determined not by the clock nor calendar, but by divine flow.

We fail by clinging to beliefs that become the obstacles—that disrupt the flow.

Since all beliefs originate within oneself, one cannot participate in the natural, divine flow if one’s obstacle’s are stronger than the flow.

To experience flow is to remove obstacles. When flow is strong, obstacles are absorbed or bypassed, and do not constrict.

Flow or current can only come together or combine with another if obstacles are removed. Flow is the natural state.

Love must flow lest it stagnate. Things that do not flow, must necessarily die, or cease to live. Where there is no flow, there is no growth.

Dogma, hypocrisy, misunderstanding, narrow-mindedness, selfishness, judgment, confusion, and gossip are all obstacles which block or constrict flow.

Inability to accept difference, inability to honor all things takes one to islands that interact with flow, but do not participate.

Religion that teaches separateness, cannot be of flow, cannot be of true love, only illusion of love.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

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