This is to inform of the value and nature of LIFE . . .

Intro- Life DefinedPart 1.Part 2.Part 3.Part 4.Part 5.Thanks
"Life is a sequence--
A series of saying 'Good-bye!'
to all people,
all things."

-- J.C. High Eagle

Life native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs
A dynamic process of
discovery and learning,
by form,
through function and participation
to fulfill spiritual purpose
by human choices.

IntroPart 1.- Human DefinedPart 2.Part 3.Part 4.Part 5.Thanks

Formerly a spirit without form,
one comes to discover,
to experience,
to gather wisdom
from information.

native american,american indian flute music,american indian customs

A gift of spiritual energy made visible,
a human stems from the Creative Force
of the universe
and manifests as a product or
extension of the
Creator's Love,
by transforming from pure energy
into matter: energy manifested or
made detectable.

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Form follows process.
spiritual process, or
transitions energy into matter,
into form.

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Conception, or
the spiritual process of
energy manifesting form,
is a transformation of energy into
being human -- or "human being".
All forms necessarily have boundaries--

Therefore, a human being is a
living boundary or interface
between the physical and spiritual worlds--
other dimensions.

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After manifestation comes independence
and interdependence.
Independence is ego perception
void of spiritual awareness.
Independence exists only in the
physical form and realm of the ego.
independence is ephemeral,
and only exists as long as there is life, However,
unity of the physical and spiritual,
if not the very same,
prevails independent of human choice
and only is acknowledged when
the human ego and spirit are in
balance and harmony with each other
by an opening of the spiritual channel within.

The secret of life,
and also its challenge,
is how to open the spiritual channel
and keep it open . . .
once opened, spiritual guidance
now represents opportunity for
human form fulfilled by function or action.

IntroPart 1.Part 2.- GrowthPart 3.Part 4.Part 5.Thanks

is manifestation of energy to matter.
To grow, is also to risk and accept.

Things do not grow without unity--
without energy,
without receiving,
without acceptance,
without other forms,
without experience.
The end product of growth
is physical form and
mental capacity.
The end product of growth
of mental capacity is wisdom.

Never self-sufficient,
never totally separate,
a unique form grows by dependence upon other forms
to complete its form
in order to function or cause action.

Form achieves full physical stature
in accordance with balance;
when reaching full capacity and
ability to function.

The vectors of rate and quanity of growth
are governed by divine prescription.
Form grows in accordance with divine synchronization
also in accordance with divine plan.

Maturity comes when full potential is reached.
During the process of growth,
experience allows for corrections and
in order to further growth, and
complete form and the realm of the ego's
mental capacity of the raw energies and
tools of the ego:
feelings and emotions.

IntroPart 1.Part 2.Part 3.- DesirePart 4.Part 5.Thanks

is one's willingess to accept
or produce change.
Born of ego,
obstacles as negative ego perceptions
are those which keep one closed to
knowing the solutions.
Obstacles stunt growth,
and are only overcome by desire.

Aside from physical barriers or obstacles,
ego obstacles are self-created illusions
and ego based perceptions not based upon
truth or reality, but only ego's limited understanding.
When one desires to control obstacles or outcomes,
one becomes open to the
the opportunity for spiritual awareness.

When experience is denied by
no desire,
and correcitons and adjustments
not made,
growth is stunted or irregular.
prompted by desire,
one grows, develops, and becomes motivated
to function by choice or by spiritual guidance.

When one desires to control
other people and events,
one becomes closed, restricted,
separated from spiritual guidance.
and isolated or imprisoned in illusion.
Therefore, growth is stagnated and becomes incomplete.

IntroPart 1.Part 2.Part 3.Part 4.- Awareness/UnderstandingPart 5.Thanks

of one's new physical existence
begins as experience feeds knowledge
and growth continues.

One's knowledge comes from the
incorporation of information which
represents a mixture or blend of truths (facts) and
illusions (perceptions).
Observation and comprehension of information
yield thoughts--self-created illusions--
which combine to form perceptions. Life now becomes decerning truths from non-truths,
facts from fiction.

When once formed, perceptions strive to make understanding of
one's state of being,
one's reality,
but only paint reality through sometimes illusion.

True reality is the intersection
of a point in time and space.
Conscious reality,
or striving to mkae understanding of
true reality,
is one's interpretation of this intersection
bsed upon the cognizance of
energy and matter displacement,
that lies within the limits and bounds
of the three dimensions.

Conscious reality is striving to see,
or perceive,
things as they truly are
without passing judgements, or ego motivations.

IntroPart 1.Part 2.Part 3.Part 4.Part 5.- Conscious Reality/RealizationThanks

When both awareness and understanding combine,
realization can occur.
Realization in action,
then leads to actualization,
which can lead to living a life of
and celebration of life--manifesting purpose,
manifesting love,
manifesting spirutal guidance
until purpose is served
and death,
our relentless path finder to other dimensions
returns us

Conscious reality
is conscious creation based upon
one's observations,
and whatever is left after the
dissolution of illusions.

The goal of awareness and understanding is to
strive towards building a conscious reality of the
balance between ego and spirit motivations.
Balance is achieved when ego desires and perceptions
are equalized in harmony with spiritual connection and guidance.

Our bodies,
visible husks of life,
must be lived with in harmony and balance with the rest of creation
and its connection sensed on the Sacred Circle of Life
to be free.
For only when a human form senses no imprisonment within its physical boundaries
can the essence of one's spirit become one with life's infinite,
timeless flow,
shapeless and without bounds, restrictions or limitations
physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Intro Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Thanks

To be in the flow of life,
to experience all the beauty of what life has to offer,
life must be lived in the total awakened consciousness of the
present moment, and in freedom from ego's bondage and limitations,
and not in the moments past nor those yet to come
which are illusion.
For only in total consciousnesss is one truly free in life.
And that is why one learns or is open to awareness.

Approached by reverence and permission,
all life is but the manifestation of powerful,
unleashed energies which must be neither feared
not conquered,
but simply realized and comprehended.

"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow,
for what is your life?
It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a little time,
and then vanished away."

--James 4:14

"What is life?
It is the flash of a firefly in the night.
It is the breath of a buffalo in the winter time.
It is the litle shadow which runs across the grass
and loses itself in the sunset."


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