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Oh Great Spirit,
Today, this day,
we cause to celebrate

our togetherness,
our common bond
of humanity and relationship
to each other
and the fellowship
of our being.

Oh, Great Spirit,
Sjpirit of us all,
and Lord God of all knowing,
all understanding,
we are truly grateful
for the many blessings
You give us daily.

Guide and protect this man
and this woman,
and help them to join
not only as man and wife,
but as Your faithful servants
to honor and uphold Your sacred covenants of truth and honesty,

and respect.

LET us rejoice in the living present with thanksgiving!

LET us give thanks and be grateful for the many gifts bestowed upon us by You,
our God, our Creator
among which are the precious gifts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

LET us find our hearts opened to the beauty of all that you have provided.

LET us find peace and serenity in the joy and comfort of Your loving embrace.

LET our prayers of thankfulness be for each other.

LET us be reminded that we share

the same love,
same connection to You,
and because of that,
we are all brothers and sisters married and bonded in one spirit.

LET the rhythms in our hearts be the songs of unity.

We ask that Your face shine down upon us
with the fruits of friendship,
the flowers of good tidings
and an abundance of love.

We know and feel around us
Your love,
Your compassion,
Your forgiveness for our
many imperfections.

May we be forever humbled in Your presence
as we journey through this life,
and walk with peace and love in our hearts overflowing.

May all this be done in Your name.
Amen and amen!
Aho! I have spoken!

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